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Selecting a Rug Size

Posted on: August 21, 2014 Category:

Rug stores generally stock the ‘most commonly sold standard 5′ x 8′ area rug. They stock this size  because it is the largest size that can be reasonably transported in, or on the family car, and because pricing falls in a discretionary income band that is feasible for many.

From an interior design perspective though, the 5′ x 8’ area rug has limitations.  If you look at interior design magazines for ideas you may notice that rugs shown in these photos are usually substantially larger than those found stocked in local stores.

Larger rugs create a setting and context for furniture.  Placing your living room or bedroom set on a large rug, rather than next to a small one will generally look more cohesive, less cluttered and more professional.  Functionally a dining room rug should be large enough that the dining table and all of the chairs are ‘on the rug’, and that when the chairs are pulled back from the table, the back legs are still on the rug.  Otherwise when you pull in the chair the back legs get caught on the edge of the rug and you have to do an uncomfortable little jump, lifting and hefting the chair and yourself forward over the edge of the rug.

Sleek Spaces can manufacture any rug color or design to your size specifications, in either wool or acrylic.  For your convenience all of our products are delivered to your door, making large format rugs uniquely accessible.


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