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Lights for illumination

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The amount of light that a light fixture casts on a surface depends on four things:

i) Wattage of the globes in the lamp.

ii) Number of globes in the lamp

iii) Opacity of the lamp shade (does it block and therefore direct light or does it let it through and allow it to spread out)

iv) How close to the surface is the light going to be positioned

v) Is the light itself directional / positioned precisely where it is needed.

For example:

A 60W pendent ceiling light with one or 2 globes and an opaque shade, would be just right if you are lighting an intimate 4 person dining table for refined adult dining. Hung low to the table top it will cast a small and defined area of light.

A 60 – 100W pendent ceiling light with 3 + globes would be better if you are lighting a longer dining table. Consider that you will need a light that illuminates the farthest reaches of the table – without blinding some and leaving others in the shadows. The longer the table the more likely that you would be better served by two light fittings.
If you are lighting a dining table in a busy kitchen or den, with lots of traffic between the table and the rest of the room – then your light fixtures should cast light on the whole room rather than an exclusive area. Choose a short, open ended and / or transparent shade with a high wattage bulb, hung high in the room near the ceiling.

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