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Color Palette

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Selecting an appropriate color palette is perhaps one of the most important choices you can make for the interior design of a space.
Many of the other necessary steps and choices follow naturally from this first one.

For a space to feel professionally designed, the color scheme should be:

Inspired by Nature: Avoiding harsh or un-natural shades of colors and color combinations.  Preferring subtle tones and variations on those tones. Images of landscapes can provide excellent inspiration.

Emotionally Appropriate: Colors that encourage states of mind appropriate to the usage of the space. For example calming and relaxing tones for the home, stimulating and focusing tones for a workplace etc.

Personal style: Color choices can be very personal, particularly for a residential space. Every color and color combination will appeal to some, and appall others. These various reactions are seated deeply in our subconscious and can not be rationally explained or contradicted. The color palette you choose should be personally attractive and inspiring.

The right number of colors: Your color palette should include a minimum of 2, but preferably 3 – 5 colors. Less will feel clinical and more may feel chaotic.


grn_blu black_beige_brown blk_gold_chestnut blk_white_cream grey_green_rust grn_blu org_pink_blu red_green_teal

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